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GS1-DataBar barcodes

The GS1 DataBar symbology - formerly known as EAN.UCC Reduced Space Symbology (RSS) - is a family containing three linear symbologies and three stacked variants, known as GS1-DataBar barcodes. GS1-DataBar-14 encodes the full 14 digit GS1/EAN/UCC item identification in a linear symbol that can be scanned in any direction. GS1-DataBar Limited encodes item identification suitable for use on small items, but not for use at point-of-sale.

Databar Omnidirectional (RSS 14) barcode

 GS1-DataBar -Expanded encodes the 14 digit GS1/EAN/UCC item identification plus supplementary AI elements.

Databar Expanded barcode

Databar Stacked barcode

GS1-DataBar -14 Stacked is a variant which is stacked in two rows, either as a truncated version (above) used for small item marking, or as an omni-directional version (below) designed to be read by omnidirectional scanners.

Databar Omnidirectional Stacked barcode

The GS1-DataBar -14 based versions encode the full 14 digit GS1/EAN/UCC item identification number and this may be prefixed with the (01) AI – although this is NOT encoded.

The dLSoft DataBar implementation uses the following Start Mode property values to specify the symbol:

Start Mode DataBar version
0 DataBar-14
1 DataBar-14 Truncated
2 DataBar Limited
3 DataBar-14 Stacked
4 DataBar-14 Stacked Omnidirectional
5 DataBar Expanded
6 DataBar Expanded Stacked

All DataBar symbols are based on Xunit size, where the Yunit (height) is treated as a multiplier of the Xunit value.

The following height values should be used:

DataBar-14: a minimum height of 33 X

DataBarTruncated: a minimum height of 13 X

DataBar-14 Stacked: a fixed height (top row 5X, bottom row 7X, separator 1X)

DataBar-14 Stacked Omnidirectional: minimum height 33X (each row)

DataBar Limited: minimum height 10 X.

DataBar Expanded: minimum height 34 X

DataBar Expanded may also be used in a stacked version, and the extent of stacking may be specified using the PairsPerRow property, which can range be set between 1 and 10, where 1 represents the minimum allowed width of the symbol. Again each row shall have a minimum height of 34 X.

DataBar Expanded may be used to encode AIs in addition to the item identification number as listed below:

(01)………(3103)…… - 6 digit metric weight
(01)………(3202)…… - 6 digit pound weight
(01)………(392x)…… - 3 digit price
(01)………(393x)…… - 3 digit ISO currency code followed by price
(01)..……..(310x)…….(yy)…….. – metric weight and six digit date
(01)…..…..(320x)…….(yy)…….. – English weight and six digit date

(where yy may be 11 (production date), 13 (packaging date), 15 (best before date) or 17 (expiration date).



GS1-DataBar barcodes are supported through the following dLSoft products:


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