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Clocked and Postal barcodes

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Postnet barcode

Fim A      Fim B      Fim C

FIM A barcode       FIM B barcode       FIM C barcode


Planet OC barcode


4-state barcode

RM4SCC - Royal Mail

RM4SCC barcode

Australia Post

Australia Post barcode

Korean Postal Authority

Korean Postal Authority barcode

InfoMail Barcode A (51 bars)

Infomail Barcode A

Japan Post

Japan post

Intelligent Mail (OneCode)

Intelligent Mail

Deutsche Post

Deutsche Post barcode

Italia Post 2/5

Italia Post barocde (2/5)

Italia Post 3/9

Italia Post barcode 3/9

Swiss Post

Swiss post

USPS Intelligent MailTM Package Barcode

USPS Intellignet Mail Package Barcode