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QR Code barcodes

QR Code is a matrix symbology consisting of a square array of modules with a finder pattern located at three corners. A wide range of symbol sizes is supported along with four levels of error correction, and the symbology is noted for its high data density.

QR Code barcode image        QR Code symbol image

The dLSoft libraries support QR Code Version 2 in Numeric, Alphanumeric, Byte and Kanji modes. dLSoft products that support QR Code provide for automatic encoding changes along the data stream (except for Kanji encoding, where Kanji mode must be specified).

The theoretical maximum data capacities of the symbols (at Level 0 error correction) are:

Numeric data 7089 digits
Alphanumeric data 4296 characters
Byte data 2953 bytes
Kanji 1817 characters

Note that Alphanumeric includes digits and uppercase letters, the space and the $ % * + - . / : characters only.

Error correction levels

The Reed-Solomon error correction allows the following recovery of damaged codewords:
Level 0: 7%
Level 1: 15%
Level 2: 25%
Level 3: 30%

Micro QR Code

Micro QR Code is a very small QR Code that fits applications that require a smaller space and use smaller amounts of data, such as ID of printed circuit boards and electronics parts, etc. The efficiency of data encoding has been increased with the use of only one position detection pattern.

Micro QR Code image

The capacity of Micro QR Code symbols at the lowest error correction level is:

Numeric data 35 digits
Alphanumeric data 21 characters
Byte data 15 bytes

All dLSoft product families include products that support PDF417 symbols.