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dBarScan DLL

dBarScan DLL is an Active DLL that may be used as an Active-X control or called as a standard DLL to identify and decode barcode bitmap images within a developers own Visual Basic or C/C++ programs. Includes sample for VB6 and VC6 (including source code).

Scanning a barcode using dBarScan DLL
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Sample VB6 code using dBarScan as an Active-X control

 ht = pic.Height
wd = pic.Width
DBarScan1.dImage = pic.Handle
DBarScan1.TypeMask = 6921
DBarScan1.hiheight = ht
DBarScan1.hiwidth = wd

i = DBarScan1.scan()

If i < 0 Then
DataBox.Text = DBarScan1.oData
StatusBox.Text = DBarScan1.Status
DataBox.Text = ""
StatusBox.Text = DBarScan1.Status
End If


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Each dBarScan DLL component is available as a single computer version, or as a developer version which permits royalty-free distribution of the component as part of the developer's own project for up to 10,000 distributions.

System Requirements

Windows XP or later. Designed for use with Visual Basic 6 or Visual C/C++.