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dBarScan.NET 1D

dBarScan.NET is a fully managed code component that allows 1D barcode images to be identified, decoded and analysed within a developer's own .NET application.

The dBarScan.NET Component is designed to work with Visual Studio and requires the .NET Framework 2 or later to be installed on any machine using the components. Example code is provided with the component for users of Visual Basic.NET and C#.

Screen shots - click to enlarge

Barcode image scanning with dBarScan.NET
Whole image scanning

Laser-mode barcode scanning with dBarScan.NET       CCD-mode barcode scanning with dBarScan.NET
"Laser" mode and "CCD" mode scanning

dBarScan.Net can also analyse the barcode image and report on important elements of the image, including:

Barcode analysis by dBarScan.Net
Barcode analysis

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Sample C# code for scanning image loaded from a file

if (err<0)
    Output=Barscan1.oData(); // returns the barcode data
MessageBox.Show(“Barcode not detected”);


See the Help file for details.


Each dBarScan.NET component is available as a single computer version, or as a developer version which permits royalty-free distribution of the component as part of the developer's own project for up to 10,000 distributions.

System Requirements

Windows XP/VIsta/7/8/10 with Microsoft .NET Framework 2 or later
Designed for use with Visual Studio (2005 - 2015).