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dBarScan SL component for Windows Phone

dBarScan SL 1D is a component for decoding a barcode from a WriteableBitmap image, such as may be obtained through the phone's camera lens using the VideoBrush or using a captured image.

dBarScan SL in a Windows Phone App    Sample report from dBarScan component 
Windows Phone screenshots of dBarScan SL in our dBarScan WP App.

dBarScan SL is a component that can decode the followig 1D barcode types:

Code 39 and Extended Code 39
Code 93 and Extended Code 93
Code 128 and GS1-128
GS1-8, GS1-13 (with or without supplementaries)
UPC-A, UPC-E (with or without supplementaries)
Standard 2 of 5, IATA 2 of 5, Interleaved 2 of 5

For Code 128 and GS1-128 type dBarScan can also report on the subtype and function characters within the barcode.

Our dBarScan WP App is based on the dBarScan SL component and may be obtained from the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Each product includes a sample project with C# source code. Compilation of the sample project requires Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 or later and the Windows Phone Developer SDK available from the Microsoft Developer App Hub. The sample project may be tested on a Windows Phone emulator or on a developer-unlocked Windows Phone.  If the sample application is built in release mode it can only be tested on a developer unlocked Windows Phone – because the emulator does not have a real camera. However, it can be built in debug mode, in which case pushing the Scan button causes a sample picture to be loaded in place of a camera image.

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These products are available only as developers products; they are not designed for end users. The current version is supplied with sample code for Windows Phone 7.5 using Visual Studio 2010 and requires the Windows Phone SDK. The project may be loaded into Visual Studio 2012 and the target changed to Windows Phone 8

Licences are available only after developer has used a testware version and is satisfied that the product is suitable for the intended purpose and target platform.

dLSoft is unable to support specific Windows Phone devices.