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Barcode fonts for Windows

Barcode font or picture - which to use?

The dLSoft Barcode Fonts for Windows enable you to include printable barcodes on your documents, labels or reports. Just type in the characters needed to create the code and format the text in the required font. In programmable applications barcodes may be created automatically from appropriate data fields. Each font package contains TrueType, OpenType, PostScript Type 1 and PostScript Type 3 fonts, and a helper program (dFont) which assists in the calculation of check digits for codes which need them. The source code of dFont is included (Visual Basic) so that developers can copy sections of the code directly into their applications to automate their calculations. 

Each font pack includes developer's components, 32/64 bit ANSI and Unicode DLLs, Active-X components and a .NET component, any of which may be used for character translation, macros for use in Microsoft Office (versions 2007 & later, and 64 bit Office 2010 & later), examples of applications for Visual Basic 6, and VB.NET, and sample C/C++ projects for Visual Studio 2008 - 2017. Ideal for virtually all printing Windows applications.

The current version adds a component for .Net Standard 2.0 along with a sample application built with that component.

All developer versions of the font products include an embedding licence so that fonts may be embedded into Acrobat pdf pages (see sample pdf page).

To download a TestWare version now select the product link below;  to buy any product please visit the Online store on the Sales menu. 

Font packs available

Code 39 with Extended (Full ASCII) Code 39

Code 128 (including GS1/EAN/UCC 128 and EAN/UCC 14)

Codabar (NW-7, USD-4, 2 of 7)

EAN/UPC (including EAN-8, EAN-13, UPC-A and UPC-E)

Telepen (Full ASCII)

Many additional barcode types, including postal and clocked codes, are supported by the Universal Barcode Font Kit.


All codes (apart from EAN/UPC) are provided in three aspect ratios and three weights each, in TrueType, PostScript Type 1 and PostScript Type 3 format. The weights are nominal size, -8% and -16%.; the latter may be used to compensate for ink-spread in wet-ink printing.

All dLSoft Barcode Fonts for Windows can be used in any Windows applications that allows fonts to be selected.

However, only the following barcode types can be used without the calculation of a check-digit:
Code 39 and Codabar
and even these require the start and stop characters (eg. bracket symbols in Code 39) to be included in the data which is to be displayed in the barcode font.
All other barcodes types normally require more advanced encoding and/or the calculation of a check-digit, which may be done using code (the free dFont Helper application includes Basic source code) or by using the DLL, OCX or .Net component supplied with the font. 

The components permit the barcode settings to be set programmatically or  by calling a Barcode properties dialog:

Barcode properties dialog
Barcode properties dialog

For details see the Barcode Fonts help file or manual.

For a single font that supports over 50 barcode types see the dLSoft Universal Barcode Font kit


May be licensed as a single PC product or as a developer/server version which permits Royalty-free distribution of the components for up to 10,000 distributions.

System requirements

Requires Microsoft Windows 7/8/10 or Windows Server 2008 or later. .NET component requires the .NET Framework version 2.0 or later.

Compatible with Microsoft Office (2007 - 2016) and Visual Studio 2008-2017.

To obtain printed barcodes a Windows compatible graphics printer is required. Calculation of a check digit by the components is required for most barcode types.