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Barcode Standards

AIM Global - a source of barcode standard specifications

American National Standards Institute

Automotive Industry Action Group

British Standards Institution (BSI)

GS1 (formerly EAN International) The global standards organisation for barcodes on traded items

GS1 UK (formerly the e-Centre) The UK part of GS1

GS1 US (formerly UCC - Uniform Code Council) The US part of GS1

Health Industry Barcode Standards

ISO - International Standards Organisation

Barcode information sites

Barcode-1 a source of barcode information and links

Barcode Island - a wealth of technical information about barcode symbologies

Barcode scanners, printers and software

The Barcode Warehouse  Supplier and systems integrator of barcode scanners, mobile computers, label printers, wireless access points, barcode software and accessories.

Beechman & Co Supplier of barcode label and ticket printing hardware and software, including a wide range of printing media.

Fontware provides a comprehensive range of electronic document solutions to enable & enhance the design, storage, emailing, faxing & printing of digitised fonts, forms, templates, logos, symbols, signatures & barcodes.

IDAutomation.com provides barcode and automation products including Barcode Fonts, ActiveX Controls, Label Software, .NET Controls, ASP Components, Java applets, servlets & libraries, RFID encoders and barcode hardware such as barcode scanners and printers.

Printing & Label Supplies

 Beechman & Co For printing on usual items and supplies of labels of every kind.