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Printing labels from Access

High quality labels may be printed from Access using AnyLabels, Really Simple Labels or Barcodes & Labels for Office. This page illustrates the procedure using Really Simple Labels, but the procedure is virtually identical when the other products are used.

In all cases there are just a few simple steps to complete the operation (Click on images to see enlarged):

1. Open Really Simple Labels (or AnyLabels).

Really Simple Labels

2. From the File menu select Printer Setup then choose the target printer.

You can also use the printer preferences button to check for page settings, etc.

Open printer setup

3. From the Edit menu select Label size to specify the size of the labels you will be printing (or enter values for the height and width of the labels and the number down and across a printer page).

Select label size

4. Select Edit .... Data source, choose MS Access database as the source type, then browse to locate the database file that contains the data.

Note that the Connection string is completed automatically, but the Recordset/Query box needs to contain the name of the table containing the data, eg. select * from contacts.

The connection to the database may be tested by pushing the Test connection button. Push OK when done.

select Access source database

5. Choose Edit ... Designer to open label template designer.

Once the Designer window is open you can add elements to the design by either right-clicking on the label surface and selecting the type of element you wish to add, or clicking on one of the icons in the toolbar.

Label deisgner

6. Add a text block element to the label by using step 5 and then clicking on the label surface. Text blocks are displayed with the default text Hello World.

Once added, an element may be moved by dragging it around the label surface, or resized by holding down the Shift key and dragging the lower right corner of the element.

Text block element

7. A text block may contain fixed text (ie. appears on every label) or text taken from the database

To edit fixed text select the text block by clicking on it, then right-click on it and choose Properties from the pop-up menu displayed. The contents of the block may be edited by typing the required content in the dialog.

The dialog may be closed by pushing the OK button.

Fixed text block

8. To use text from a field in the database select the text block by clicking on it, then right-click on it and choose Properties from the pop-up menu displayed.

In the Text element properties dialog push the radiobutton labelled Field, then select the required field from the drop-down list of fieldnames.

text data from a database field

9. Continue adding elements until you are satisfied with the design, then push the left-pointing arrow in the toolbar to return to the main window.

Now select File ... Save template to save the template with a suitable name.

Labels may now be printed by selecting File ... Print.

Label complete

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