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Barcode Generators

Barcodes can be created within existing applications, such as Microsoft Office, by using macros or programs that link to the application, or by using an application to create barcode images that can be loaded or copied and pasted into other applications.

The barcode generators listed below are for these purposes. Follow the links for full details.

Really Simple Barcodes

An easy-to-use barcode creator program that
can also print barcode labels

Barcodes & Labels for Office

Ideal for creating barcodes & label printing in
MS Office applications Word, Excel and Access


A barcode generator program that can also insert
barcode images into OLE applications, such as Word


For creating decorated QR Codes.

The Barcode Desk

A toolbox for the barcode technician.


Search the Microsoft Store for dLBarcodes.
A Windows App for creating barcode images
to save on your computer.


Stand-alone barcode generator that creates fully resizeable barcode images for most common 1D barcode types for placing in your Windows applications or using "Insert Object" from your OLE-enabled applications. Barcode images may also be saved in a variety of graphic formats.

Barcodes & Labels for Office

Provides a collection of tools for including 1D and/or 2D barcodes in Office document and macros for converting a selected item (text in Word, one or more cells in Excel or Access) into high quality barcode pictures or font based barcodes. Supports most common barcode types.

Barcode Tools for Crystal Reports

Provides a collection of tools for creating barcodes for Crystal Reports, using either font or picture barcodes.

Really Simple Barcodes

Really Simple Barcodes is a barcode generator that can create 1D and 2D barcodes that can be printed, copied to the clipboard for pasting into another application, or saved in a variety of graphic formats. This program can also print simple barcode labels and sequences.

Feature comparison for Barcode generators

Feature Barcodes & Labels for Office dBarcode Pro Really Simple Barcodes
Integrates with MS Office applications  Y    
Creates 1D barcodes Y Y Y
Creates 2D barcodes Y    Y
OLE support Y Y
Built-in barcode label printing Y    C
Creates barcode graphics files    Y  Y
.NET program parts   Y
Vista/7/8 compatible Y Y Y

[C = Barcode label printing limited to duplicates and sequences]