dLSoft  barcode & labelling software     

Barcode Font products

A range of products for creating font-based barcodes in manyprogramming enviornments. Follow the link for more details of a specific product.

Individual barcode fonts

Separate fonts for Code 39, Code 128, Codabar, EAN/UPC, Telepen

Universal Barcode font kit

A Font kit for producing most common 1D & 2D barcodes

Aztec Font kit

Fonts and tools for creating Aztec barcodes

Datamatrix Font kit

Fonts and tools for creating Datamatrix barcodes

GS1 Databar
Font kit

Fonts and tools for creating GS1-Databar barcodes

 dBarcode Developer Kit

Components for producing
1D and 2D font & picture barcodes

PDF417 Font kit

Fonts and tools for creating PDF417 barcodes

QR Code Font kit

Fonts and tools for creating QR_Code barcodes

Barcodes & Labels  for Office

For creating font and picture barcodes in MS Office applications

All dLSoft barcode fonts provided under a developer licence may also be embedded into pdf documents and web pages, although it may be worth considering an image-based product for such applications see: Barcode font or picture - which to use?  Font-based barcodes can also be created within Microsoft Office applications using the Barcodes & Labels for Office or dBarcode Developer Kit products - both of which can generate either font-based or image-based barcodes

All dLSoft barcode font products include TrueType, OpenType and PostScript fonts as well as DLLs, Active-X tools and managed-code .NET components along with sample code. dLSoft produces three types of barcode font products:

Barcode Fonts for Windows
- a wide range of fonts for individual barcode types; easy to use, with the source of dFont Helper and a developer's kit supplied to show how check digits and start/stop characters may be inserted, and (for many fonts) complete with a font containing human readable form under the bars.   

Universal Barcode Font Kit
- a single barcode font which can be used to create barcodes for most 1D & 2D barcode types. Note that this font does not produce human readable characters except for the GS1 retail barcode types. The barcode text is translated using a DLL, OCX, or .NET component, and so accessible from most programmable applications and environments (C#, VB.Net, MS Office, Visual FoxPro, C++, VB6, etc.).  

2D-barcode font kits
- Kits available for Aztec, DataMatrix, GS1-Databar, PDF417 and QR Code 2D barcodes, complete with DLLs, OCXs, and .NET components which translate data into the characters required to print the barcode and is accessible from most programmable applications and environments (VB, MS Office, Visual FoxPro, C++, etc.).

The Universal Barcode Font kit includes the functionality of several of the above kits to support Aztec, Datamatrix, PDF417 and QR Code symbols.

Barcodes & Labels for Office
Barcodes & Labels for Office
provides a collection of components and macros for converting a selected item (text in Word, one or more cells in Excel or Access) into high quality barcode pictures or font based barcodes, and Active-X controls for use on documents, spreadsheets, forms or reports. Suitable for use in Office 2007 or later, including Office 2013.