dLSoft  barcode & labelling software     

Barcode decoders and verifiers

Tools for users

Barcode Analyser 1D

A tool for analysing high-resolution images of printed 1D barcodes.

Barcode Byte Reporter

For reporting on the content of a barcode scanned using a USB or serial port barcode scanner


Decoding products for developers

The following products are designed for developers wishing to include barcode scanning/decoding into their applications. These components are designed to accept images from image scanners - not barcode scanners!

dBarScan.NET 1D

A fully-managed code component for decoding and analysing barcode images. Designed for use with Visual Studio.

dBarScan-1D DLL

An Active DLL for decoding barcode bitmap images, designed for use with C/C++ and Visual Basic 6