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We have solutions for labelling and form printing, barcode image creation and for barcode fonts for barcodes on just about everything, and our products support most of the common barcode types.

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Barcodes & Labels
for MS Office

Barcodes & Label printing for
Word, Excel & Access

Barcodes for
Crystal Reports

Graphic & font barcodes in Crystal Reports


Barcode images for anything

Components for developers

Barcode and Labelling components
and libraries for developers

Label printing applications

For designing and printing
labels, including printing
 from databases

Barcode Font

for most common 1D & 2D barcode types

Online services

Barcodes by e-mail, Check digit calculators, Identify a barcode & more


for company wide barcodes.

Which product

Your guide to selecting a suitable product for your needs

Our 1D barcode products supports most common 1D barcode types including EAN, ISBN, ISSN, UPC, UCC/EAN-14, Postnet, Royal Mail, Code 39, Code 93, Code 128, Codabar, MSI, Plessey, Telepen, SISAC and many more.

Our 2D barcode labelling and image creation products also support Aztec, Datamatrix, Maxicode, PDF417, MicroPDF, QR Code, RSS, Code 16k and Code 49, and we have 2D font kits for Aztec, Datamatrix PDF417 and QR Code.

For users

For printers, technicians and professionals

For developers

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