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Licensing dLSoft products

dLSoft products for online delivery may be obtained from any of our online store or from any of our dealers using the links below. Backup CDs are also available.

Note that if you have already downloaded a testware version of one of our products you do not need to download the product again. You can purchase a licence and serial number online from any of our dealers and simply reinstall the product with the serial number.

Online store

Dealer sites

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* Prices in other currencies may be viewed in the Online Store

If you purchase online please check the Current versions list to ensure you have the latest version. The latest versions are those available on the Downloads menu above.

Current products are NOT suitable for Windows 95/98 or Windows NT/2000, and we no longer support those older systems. While many products will work correctly on Windows XP/Vista, we no longer support those systems.

If you purchase a dLSoft product online please ensure that you register the product by visiting our online registration page. This will ensure that you receive technical support if you request it.

Licence Agreement

The generic dLSoft License Agreement may be viewed here