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dBarcode.NET products

Product Type: Component / ASP.NET / .NET WinForms / 100% Managed Code

dBarcode.NET Components are managed code components that allow barcode images to be created within the developer’s own .NET Windows Form or ASP.NET application. A barcode image may be displayed, printed, saved as a graphics image, or the image may be passed to any other image-handling component. dBarcode.NET Components are designed to work with Visual Studio 2005 or later and require the .NET run-time (version 2.o or later) to be installed on any computer using the components. Example code is provided with each component for users of Visual Basic .NET and C#.

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Labels.NET components

Product Type: Component /.NET WinForms / 100% Managed Code

Labels.NET components are fully-managed components for designing and printing labels complete with text blocks, barcodes, shapes, lines and pictures. The Standard Edition caters for 1D barcodes, while the Labels.NET Professional includes both 1D, 2D and GS1-Composite barcodes.

dBarScan.NET component

Product Type: Component /.NET WinForms / 100% Managed Code

dBarScan components decode bitmap images of barcodes. Image is passed directly to component, so may be taken from any Image-supporting source, including file or in-memory Image. Images may be scanned as Whole image, "CCD" mode (selected area of image), or "Laser" mode (Raster scan from specified start point)
Provides confirmation of reaching Stop bars and, where relevant, check digit confirmation. Supports most common 1D barcodes.