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Knowledge Base

Barcode generation problems and their solutions commonly encountered at technical support

.NET Components

Ap0609 - Choosing a resolution for online images of small barcodes

Ap0709a - Creating 2D barcodes with Unicode data using dBarcode.NET components

Active Barcode Components

Barcode contents

Ap0508a - Application Identifiers in EAN/UCC 128 barcodes

Ap04011 - Function key emulation with barcodes (Apr 2001)

Ap04992 - Barcodes produced with an extra 0 (Apr 1999)

dBarcode Developer kits

Ap01991 - Setup for dBarcode Developer Kit halts with Move data error - 119 (Jan 1999)


Ap03011 - Automating startup and printing of dLabel-32, dIndex-32 or dBarcode-2000 (Jan 2002)

Ap05041 - How do I connect to an SQL database (Apr 2005)

Font products

Ap0410a - Distributing barcode fonts with a developer's application.

Ap08021 - Barcodes created by mail-merge from Excel to Word using Barcode Fonts for Windows are incomplete or following data is corrupted.

Ap01022 - Using barcode fonts on web pages (Jan 2002)