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Barcode fonts on web pages

All dLSoft multi-user font products include an embedding licence so that font objects may be created for embedding barcodes on web pages for viewing/printing with Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

This approach is best suited to pages which will contain static barcodes (e.g. the pages of a catalogue). The page is prepared in the normal manner with the required fonts set, and then analysed using Microsoft's free Web Embedding Fonts Tool (WEFT - see Microsoft typography), which then creates the required font object ready for copying to the web server. The user's browser then displays the page using the correct fonts, even when these are not installed on the user's computer.

As barcodes are only of use when printed, developers should be aware of the potential problems of this approach. The developer may have no control over the conditions under which the barcode will be printed, or the browser's settings (e.g. for colour and text size). So it may be desirable to impose some pre-requisites on the user's browser and printing setups.


Each of the pages linked below contains barcodes of a specific type generated using the tools provided with dLSoft barcode font products and the free Microsoft WEFT.

The barcode fonts are not required on the user's machine - only on the web page designer's machine.

Fonts may also be used from ASP pages - see ASP barcode demo