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dLSoft Camera-timer for Windows Phone

Now you can be in the picture!

Camera-timer enables you to set a self-timer for taking a picture with your phone's camera. This enables you to get into the picture. The timer counts down with optional 1 second beeps and then takes a number of pictures with the flash and resolution settings you specify.

Camera-timer for Windows Phone                 Camera-timer options
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Select the settings you require on the main page, then tap the start button to open the preview screen. Now position the phone so that the field of view is what you require, preferably providing some support to ensure that the phone does not fall over when you leave it!

Tap or hold the preview screen (eg. gently pinch the camera with thumb and forefinger) to start the timing and then get yourself in the picture. If you have enabled beeps then you will hear the phone counting down the seconds until the picture is taken and the number of seconds remaining is displayed on the preview.

The last picture taken will be displayed on-screen when Camera-timer has completed. If you programmed more than one picture then flick the image to view the next. Any unwanted picture may be delete by holding the screen and accepting the dialog box notice. All remaining pictures taken by Camera-timer are placed on the Camera Roll when you leave this screen.

At any time you may leave the preview or last picture page by pressing the phone's Back button.

If you get the urge to start the picture taking immediately, then with the "Camera button overrides delay" check box checked, just press the camera button while in preview - this will ignore the delay setting but take the specified number of pictures using the other settings.

System requirements

Camera-timer requires Windows Phone 7.5/8/8.1

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