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dDataCollector for Windows Phone

dDataCollector is a barcode data collector for scanning 1D barcodes through the Windows Phone camera lens.

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dDataCollector can decode Codabar, Code 39, Code 93, Code 128, GS1-13 (including ISBN, ISSN and ISMN, and supplementaries), GS1-128, UPC-A, UPC-E, and members of the 2 of 5 family. dDataCollector assembles a list of the barcode scanned, along with (optionally) the quantity of items, the date and time of scanning and any notes the users wishes to add. The data list may be copied for pasting into other applications or e-mailed.

dDataCollector collection settings            dDataCollector sample data page            dDataCollector server link settings

dDataCollector can also communicate with a suitably designed application on a company server, either manually or on each scan to update or interrogate stock, register scans, etc.

On the Options page are a set of check boxes, one for each of the barcode families that the scanner can decode. If you know the barcode family you will be scanning then it helps to uncheck the boxes for families that you are not interest in - this speeds up the detection process. Similarly if you are not scanning barcodes that have supplementaries (secondary groups of bars after the main group) there is little point in having dBarScan check for supplementaries. The barcode types detectable in each family are listed here.  (Hint: Unless you know that you are about to scan a UPC-E barcode it is a good idea to leave the UPC-E barcode type deselected as a poor scan of an EAN-13 barcode can be misread as a UPC-E).


Tapping the Scan button on the main page opens the phone's camera view ready to capture the barcode. There are basically 3 steps:

  1. Turn the phone to correct orientation for the resolution you have chosen and position it so that the barcode image is in the field of view.
  2. Make sure the barcode fills about half the width of the screen.
  3. Wait for the camera's focussing system to focus on the barcode - it will then capture the image and return to the main display, where the decoded data will be displayed.

If the option to link to a server has been chosen then the link operation will begin automatically - otherwise click on the link icon to start the link.

At any time you can tap on the data icon to view the data list. The list can be copied or e-mailed.


dDataCollector decodes the following barcode families

System requirements

dDataCollector requires Windows Phone 8/8.1

dLSoft Apps for Windows Phone are available exclusively from Windows Phone MarketPlace.

dDataCollector is built on the dLSoft dBarScan SL component for Windows Phone, which is available for developers.