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Keeping eyes on your webcams from your Windows Phone.

d-Eyes monitors the images from webcams, so you can keep an eye on your home webcams from work, your workplace webcams from home, keep an eye on your garage, etc. d-Eyes updates images a user selected intervals over your internet link, which may be 3G/4G, WiFi or via your computer network (eg. via Zune). d-Eyes can hold up to 8 webcams and display up to 4 simultaneously. Webcam URLs can be password protected. Double-tapping on an image will save the image to your phone's Saved Pictures album.

Use the trial version to check compatability with your webcams.

Note that d-Eyes is not to be used as a substitute for continuous video surviellance.

d_Eyes monitoring 1 webcam               d-Eyes monitoring two webcams                d-Eyes monitoring four webcams  Click to enlarge
1 webcam                                     2 webcams                                     4 webcams                    .

d-Eyes main screen               d-Eyes options              d-Eyes camera setup
Main screen                               Options                               Camera setup

To monitor up to 4 webcams simultaneously hold one of the Group buttons at the bottom of the main page and then select which webcams to monitor from the list on the Multi-image settings page.

You can set the refresh rate an the timeout interval by selecting to Tools icon in the application bar on the main page to open the Options page.

d-Eyes loads images over your internet link, which may be 3G/4G, WiFi or via your computer network (eg. via Zune). The speed of downloading will be determined by the speed of your network.

System requirements

d-Eyes requires Windows Phone 8/8.1

dLSoft Apps for Windows Phone are available exclusively from Windows Phone MarketPlace.