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Show your picture albums in the form of a slide show on your Windows Phone

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dSlideShow enables you to present a timed slide show of your pictures from a specified picture albumn. You can select the time that each picture is displayed, and the sequence of pictures, and the transition between pictures.

To start a shown just select the ablum you wish to use and set the interval and sequence choices, then push the Start button.

Once the slideshow is running you have the option of pausing at any time just by tapping the picture; tapping the screen again resumes the show.

dSlideShow transition options       dSlideShow privacy and rotation options

dSlideShow has a number of options which may be set by tapping on the tools icon in the application bar.

dSlideShow's Navigation options allow you to enable or diable the facility to pause a picture just by tapping on the screen while the picture is displayed; the show can be resumed by tapping again. While a show is paused a message appears at the top left of the screen.

You can choose the type of transition from one picture to the next, and the speed with which the transition occurs.

You can also enable or disable the facility to move to the next or previous picture using a flick gesture on the screen. Note that flick gestures are ignored during a normal (timed) transition.
When moving to a new picture as a result of a flick gesture the movement is instantaneous and does not use a specified transition.

Other options include the option to rotate images which are in portrait mode - so that they occupy most of the screen. (Of course you need to rotate the phone to see these rotated image correctly - but at least they will be a reasonable size!)

You can also lock the phone's Back button during a slideshow - just in case you are showing the album to granny and you don't want her to accidentally discover your album named "Wild party". (Or if you are a granny you may not wish your grandchildren to accidentally come across your "Wild party" album).

System requirements

dSlideShow requires Windows Phone 7.5/8/8.1

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